FOOTcred® offer you the most advanced range of shock absorbent, impact protective insoles to provide you with maximum comfort and long lasting support for both your feet and body. Our insoles effectively mould to the shape of your feet and relieve pressure on other body parts, so when you take off your shoes and boots your insoles instantly return to their original shape. These comfortable and podiatry insoles help prevent further injury and benefit from being anti-bacterial to keep feet fresh and will reduce existing foot, knee and back problems.

Open Cell technology

All of our insoles are manufactured from an open cell foam, which has little connections between the cells that allow air flow between them. Our Insole materials are not dependent on air for their properties, but instead on the properties of the materials in their cell walls. They operate more like spring, and return to their original position after being compressed, time after time because the air moves freely in and out of each cell instead of being compressed (which leads to collapse of the cell walls).

Unfortunately many shoe, boot and trainer manufacturers do not provide adequate comfort and arch support inside their footwear and even when they do the results are not consistent, so when you run or walk any distance over normal or uneven surfaces your feet can become sore and this can dramatically affect other parts of your body. Have you ever gone on holiday and worn soft casual shoes and find in no time at all you experience sore and aching feet. Just by wearing our Black Soft Open Cell Insole with Impact Protection they’ll instantly give you relief and help you to enjoy your holiday even more.

FOOTcred® have designed their insoles to fit all types of footwear including shoes, Wellington / work boots, trainers, winter boots, and casual shoes. They can be worn in any climate with great comfort by men, women and children of all ages.

FOOTcred® products offer low compression foot protection that helps to alleviate common and health related foot conditions including:

  • Sore, tired and aching feet – anti fungal
  • Poor circulation – gout – diabetes
  • Cold and smelly feet – hard skin
  • Sciatica – sore joints – muscle pain
  • Plantar fasciitis – arch support
  • Athletes foot – calluses – corns – bunions
  • Fallen arches – metatarsal pain
  • Back pain, arthritis
  • Hip and knee conditions

All insoles are available in pairs and individually, they’re made in any size, for any activity and are available in foot care kits comprising of high quality products that will keep your feet in great condition and enable you to feel the true benefits of our insoles so you can take part in whatever sport or activity you wish to at any age.